Cantina Strappelli - The Company

The Company

The Strappelli Winery was established and further developed in the heart of the green town of Torano Nuovo, in the province of Teramo, on top of the luxuriant hill "Torri", which stands between the Adriatic Sea in the East, and the Gran Sasso mountains in the South. Twelve hectares of land, planted entirely with vineyards and made extremely fertile by the mild climate, characterized by the lack of strong winds and sufficient rainfall in summer. The climate, nature and Guido Strappelli's passion for one of the most ancient crops, ensures an excellent quality of the wines produced.i.

Our Wineyards

The Wineyards

The Strappelli Vineyards are situated in the locality of Villa Torri and consist of twelve hectares of medium textured soil tending to gravel. They host five vineyards, two of which have been there for over thirty years.

The Cellar

The Cellar

Work is carried out step by step following the whole process, from the vineyard to the winemaking in the cellar, until the bottling of the wine, because we believe that each process is fundamental in order to obtain the high quality wines which we are so proud of. We are very much aware that our wines are alive and can speak about us to many admirers.

The History of Torano

The Philosophy

The awareness that only a responsible management of our social and ecological resources will ensure our future generations the best possibilities of realization is at the basis of our daily work.



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