Authentic wines
that tell a story

Collecting the passion and sacrifice of my family, the love for my land and wine, handed down from previous generations, I continue the work carried out by my grandparents with a modern imprint and aimed at new technologies and environmental sustainability.

My work for the winery began in 1990 with a restoration work on the company philosophy: the idea of ​​converting to organic was born, abandoning the use of synthetic chemicals to allow the vineyards free expression, photography of the microclimate and the wonders natural resources that surround our production.

My activity combines the knowledge of the past with that of precision viticulture 4.0, through constant monitoring that allows the optimal and sustainable management of soils, water resources and agronomic practices. Producing wine with respect for nature is an act of love towards the land, it is a promise kept to all of us and to future generations.


28 June 2024